Would your kid rather do schoolwork or play a game?

Remember what it was like being a kid and playing your favorite game?  Nobody had to force you to sit down and do it.  You didn’t watch the clock waiting for the game to end.  You relished every minute of it and complained when it was time to stop.

Now think about the last time you sat down to do schoolwork with your kid.   Did you look forward to it?  Did your kid?  Were the two of you so enchanted with the lesson that the time just slipped away?  Or did you check your watch every 17 seconds to see when the misery would finally end?

Schoolwork doesn’t have to mean misery

Learning and teaching CAN be fun.  This site shows you how to make learning so fun, your kids will never want to stop.

You’ll learn how to sneak in learning under the guise of fun and games;  I’ll show you ways to get your kids reading better, solving math problems faster and learning important facts and dates — all while having the time of their lives.

When learning becomes a game, education never stops

To make lifelong learning possible, your child will first need a solid foundation of reading and math skills.  That’s why you’ll find a lot of pages dedicated to tips for teaching reading and math.   A child who can read and calculate can learn anything.   A child without these fundamental skills will suffer in all areas.

This site puts the “fun” in fundamental learning

Since the foundation for learning begins in the early years, most of the content here is geared to elementary-aged children.   But the more you use these methods, the more fun and games will become a regular part of your school routine.  It will become a way of life for you and your child.

Although this site is designed for homeschooling parents of elementary-aged kids, any parent can use the ideas here to help their children excel in any type of school.   If you’re a teacher in a traditional school, many of these methods can also be scaled to a classroom setting.

Ready for some fun?

If you’re ready to stop fighting your child over schoolwork and start playing games instead, start exploring at one of the links below:

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